Three Kick-Ass Ways to Implement Subway Surfers Hack like A Ninja

subway surfers hackSubway surfers is one of the most popular and widely downloaded mobile games from Google play store. Currently, it has recorded over 1 billion downloads and it still counting! People are downloading and playing this game because of how interesting and fascinating the game is. In case you are just hearing about this great game today on this blog post, then permit us to tell you a little about the game and what the experience is like when you start playing the surfers game.

In the game, players are given the profile of a young, ambitious teen who loves doodling on the wall of a subway station. But on this fateful day, as he goes about doodling, as usual, he is caught by a metropolis inspector and tries to escape the inspector and his grumpy dog. The teen has the task of running faster than the inspector and his dog who are constantly on his trail.

Not only must he keep on running to escape his pursuers, he must grab as many coins as he can while also making sure that he swerve left or right, jump over or duck under to avoid getting smashed down by the various roadblocks placed in his path. That’s not all! There are trains that constantly keep coming in the opposite direction which he must also watch out to avoid being knock down.

At first, these task looks impossible, but with constant playing and practice, the whole challenge becomes as easy as ABC.

Subway surfers gaming experience gets better as more and more coins are accumulated. With the accumulated coins, you can afford to buy others upgrades such as a skateboard which will enable you to run faster leaving the inspector and his dog far behind.

But then again these coins take a long time to pile up which can be very frustrating and discouraging.

Wait! There is a shortcut to getting an unlimited amount of coin, and that’s by using different methods that will be discussed in this article to hack subway surfers game.

Subway Surfers Hack: The Three Easy Kick-Ass Methods

In this section of this short guide on subway surfers game, we will be discussing the different methods that anyone can leverage for complete free subway surfers hack thus being able to access unlimited resources such as coins and keys.

The Online Method: in this online method of unlocking surfers game, you will have to perform a simple google search to discover some of the top game hack sites that offer generators. Once you have found a handful of them, it is now time to head over to their website and the exact webpage hosting the tool.

Simply input your game username and click to be connected to the server. Once you have established a link to the server successfully, proceed to add the amount of coins and keys that you desire and click on the ‘start’ button to have the entire process begin. This usually doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes to complete depending on the amount of job lined up.

The Offline Method: unlike the offline method where everything is done remotely, the offline method of hacking subway surfers is done right on the device which the game is to be played. You do this by first downloading a pre-hacked APK file and overwriting it with the original file.